Muhammad Comes to the Newsroom

Courtesy It is January, 1981, and I’m sitting at my desk in the feature section of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin where I’m a feature writer and weekly sports columnist. Across from me, our desks abutting each other, is Roger Wise, our TV editor. Roger is leaning on his arms, and I’m leaning on mine, andRead more

The Writing on the Wall

Men’s rooms were not created for entertainment, but some members of the species have demonstrated over the decades — and probably the centuries — that they think otherwise. One of the most memorable instances occurs in The Catcher in the Rye, where seeing the F-word on the wall of a museum men’s room sends HoldenRead more

A Year of Memoirs

I’ve been reading memoirs for year or so with the idea that, sufficiently informed, I’ll be able to write one of my own. Why write a memoir? What makes me think that my story is that interesting? The first thing that comes to mind is the tagline to “Naked City,” a police drama from theRead more

Throwing Strikes

Photo by I was watching the Atlanta Braves’ playoff game Sunday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers with a lady friend, and, as usual, Braves’ pitcher A.J. Minter was wild. His pitches were landing everywhere but in the strike zone, an affliction that has bedeviled him and other Braves pitchers all season. I wasRead more

Field of Sighs

In June of 2000, I went on assignment for to Andrews, North Carolina, to write about the manhunt for Eric Rudolph, the terrorist whose bombs in Atlanta and Birmingham, Alabama, in 1996 and 1998 killed two people and injured 120 others. But after finishing the Rudolph story, I returned several more times to writeRead more

Healing the Future

When I was 8, my 9-year-old cousin Skip showed me a drawing he’d made of a rowboat, and it shocked me. When I drew, my subject matter was pretty much limited to fighter jets with the US Air Force insignia on the side. I probably drew boats, too, so it wasn’t that Skip had drawnRead more

Aging, Not Old

I got an email recently from the agency that represents me requesting that I audition for the role of  a “somewhat clueless old man” in a movie that begins shooting in three weeks. It’s not the first such request I’ve had. In fact, in just the past few months, I’ve had a half-dozen invitations toRead more

Mickey Mantle — The Better Version

Austin Kleon blogged recently about trying to explain to his 5-year-old that artists — in this case, Kraftwerk — are no different from the rest of us, and that meeting them might not be as pleasing as one would think. Kleon quotes Wendell Berry, who wrote “I am a man as crude as any,” andRead more

The Importance of Being Envious

My friend Steve Perras posted a picture on Facebook the other day of himself and his wife, Judy, in Paris, and it bothered me. In fact, it still does. There’s an element of envy in it, but it’s not that simple. In fact, I’m happy for them. Although I see them only once a yearRead more

A Celebration of Grateful Hearts

The Mt. Paran Church of God choir (in black), Grateful Hearts choir (in blue) and Mary Jane Theden                                             (black dress with white stripes). Cindy Clements photo. On a rainy late September evening, aRead more

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