A meeting of men

A friend of mine suggested the other day that I write about the men’s group I’m in. “Women would like to know something like that is going on,” she said. Another woman friend put it more bluntly: “It gives women hope.” The group has been meeting every Thursday evening at a church in suburban AtlantaRead more

Hunter Thompson reconsidered

I read recently a piece in the online magazine Godspy by David Griffith about the life and suicide (in February) of writer Hunter S. Thompson. I met Thompson twice, corresponded with him briefly and interviewed his mother, Virginia, while working on a piece about him for a magazine in Louisville, his hometown.  (Oddly enough, I lived atRead more

Independence Day

It’s no accident that this site was launched on Independence Day. I’ve put a lot of effort over the past 20 years  into freeing myself of old habits and beliefs, a process I think of as unlearning. I’d had a messy time of it to that point — teen marriage, drugs, alcohol, divorces, fear, rage,Read more