Living with uncertainty

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I’d discovered there’s not a clean line from being an employee muddling along in a corporate environment to being a successful independent contractor on fire with passion, purpose and authenticity.   In fact, I have found the going rather slow and heavy, and none of the things I’veRead more

You make the call

I was planning a follow-up to my beach trip, to write about seeing fins in the water 30 yards away, about Andie McDowell jogging on the beach and the cop who shot a desk at the Georgetown, S.C. police department. Instead, I’m responding to an email I got the other day from Mike Greenberg. ItRead more

Beach lullabye

GEORGETOWN, S.C. – Driving north from Charleston, listening to Clapton singing a Robert Johnson song about a woman in Vicksburg, it crossed my mind that it might be fun to stop at the Kicking Horse Saloon and have a beer. Not so much because I wanted a beer as to share the mood with someone.Read more

Getting fired: the next right thing

We were standing in a gloomy hallway in midtown, a dozen or so actors waiting to audition for a network promo. J was leaning against the wall, knitting with bluish gray yarn that went nicely with her gray hair. “You remind me of Madame LaFarge in ‘Tale of Two Cities,’” I said to her. “SittingRead more