Reconciling with Christmas

One of the guys in my men’s group had a birthday last week, and I told him I’d take him to lunch to celebrate. At 4 p.m. on the appointed day, I stopped for coffee at Starbucks – the first time I’d stopped running all day – and that’s when I remembered the birthday. It’sRead more

Farewell, Michael Evans

There were ushers in the lobby, tall, graying men in dark suits who looked like bankers and wore blue name tags as they handed out the programs. There were teenaged boys in suits and girls in school uniforms. There were adults in somber colors, and a sanctuary awash with yellow light as the late-afternoon sunRead more

Matchless in Atlanta

Four weeks and four days after it began, my attempt at finding romance on the Internet ended essentially the way it began: loveless. With a few key strokes – and, a few days later, a testy follow-up email – I cancelled my subscription to and put an end to what had become a labor-intensiveRead more