Taking Inventory

I started this website in 2005, four years after losing my job in corporate journalism. The idea in writing about learning to re-invent myself was that I might learn a thing or two — writing is a process of discovery — and perhaps encourage others who may be considering doing the same, or who may be forced to do so by circumstances beyond their control. 

With that in mind, I offer a tincture of advice and a glass of experience (the glass is half-full, by the way):

• Yeah, times are tough, and if the gloom and doom scare you, turn back now. Conventional wisdom is the kiss of death to dreams. And to those who say "it’s reality," I would argue that it’s merely one version of reality – the media’s – and it reeks of victim theology.

• I have more serenity than I have ever had, which is not just surprising, it is miraculous. I owe this to Al-Anon, the 12-step program for families and friends of alcoholics. It has taught me, among other things, to turn my life over to God every day, and to refresh that surrender every time I am stressed or start obsessing.

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