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10 Reasons to Revive This Site

1.    Six months off is plenty: Writing is what I do — for a living and as a means of self-expression. One balances the other, and for the past six months, I’ve been out of balance.

2.    The project I’m working on is in good shape: I’m writing a book for a foundation in Washington. Not having done this before, I allowed myself an innocent but consuming obsession in the early going. Now that I’ve got the rhythm, I can relax a bit.

3.    It’s spring, a time of renewal: I mowed the lawn last weekend and put woodchips on the back path and in the garden. It’s either revive the website or clean out the attic. No contest.

4.    To redefine the experiment: The original idea was to write about my transformation from lifelong employee to independent contractor. But I’ve discovered this is about more than just a career change, it calls for a total makeover. More about that in future posts.  

5.    Quitting isn’t an option: A sabbatical is one thing; giving up is another. My father died with his music in him; I don’t intend to let the same thing happen to me.

6.    I’ve got something to say: I’ve met famous people and had some amazing experiences. I’ve also made more than my share of mistakes, survived drugs, divorces and financial hardships, and learned enough lessons for several lifetimes.

7.    It’s time to give back: I’ve been a taker most of my life. Now it’s time to give away what I know in the hope that it will help others. Might even help myself, too.

8.    Darren Rowse made me do it:
Rowse is running a series “31 Days to Better Blogging” on his website, “” I signed up, which in itself is an indication of newfound humility. That right there is a cause for celebration.

9.    My inbox is full:
I’ve got several pages of things I want to write about. It’s in the writing that I discover things I didn’t know I knew.  

10.     It’s paid for: Web hosting for this site is paid into early August, so I might as well take advantage of the investment. I wouldn’t mind renovating the site, too, but that falls into the category of cleaning out the attic.

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